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Monalisa Fashions was founded as a sewing subcontractor in 1984 by Nagib and Mona Najm, a husband and wife team that immigrated to the United States in search of the “American Dream.” Over the years the facility has tripled in size and offers development, marker printing, cutting, sewing, finishing, shipping and warehousing capabilities all under one roof.

Monalisa works on a wide range of products including contemporary knitwear, t-shirts, tank tops, layette, dresses, activewear, medical garments, maternity clothes, and accessories like blankets, bibs and scarves. Niche markets served include garment dye production and organic lines. We can work with both knit and woven fabrics.

Monalisa has extensive resources for sourcing raw materials at the best prices and a network of accomplished and reliable pattern makers, dye houses, embroiderers, screen printers and trim suppliers.

Although Monalisa is primarily a CMT production contractor, packages are tailored to each client’s needs and can range from product development to, in rare cases, full package production. Today the company is still family owned and operated in Allentown, PA.

“We understand the challenges facing designers that make their product in the USA. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products with quick turnaround at competitive prices. Inter-shop collaboration and our integrated quality control process ensure that defects are minimized and process improvements can be introduced as needed. We communicate with (and educate) our clients throughout the process, resulting in optimal manufacturing methods for their products and ultimately saving them time and money. Our clients’ success is our goal.”


- Nagib & Mona Najm


Mona & Nagib Najm


If you could draw up the American dream, it would look a whole lot like Mona & Nagib's journey. For 34 years, this husband & wife tandem have held up Monalisa Fashions through the best and toughest of times in the ever-changing landscape of clothing manufacturing in the US. After bringing back their daughter Mereille to run the factory production full-time in 2009, it's been a family affair handling everything from white-label production to government contracts to niche Japanese production.

Production Manager

Mereille Ziade

Mereille (pronounced Mē-rAy) is a Lehigh University Engineering graduate that returned to the family business in 2009 to handle client pipelines, sample production & management, and all new business for the company.  For Mereille, taking over the company vision and direction was a perfect professional blend of the manufacturing world & her love for fashion and garment production.  

bz hat lg.jpg
Robert Ziade


Robert's been around the block a time or two, having roots in the Tech industry (as a designer) where he co-founded and sold his company back in 2013, while keeping his feet inside the real estate world. After joining Monalisa in 2014, he brought his knowledge of business operations as COO to the manufacturing world, help Mereille with all new business, as well as bringing his design background to the table to help along the way.

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