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Do you manufacture everything in the USA?
Yes. We do everything in our facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Do you supply fabric?
Our clients supply their own fabric but there are exceptions. In most cases it is best for designers to work directly with the fabric suppliers because it gives them control of the process and it saves time. Whenever needed we assist our clients with building those relationships.

What are your minimums?
Our services include everything from one-offs (prototypes, fit samples, etc) to large scale (10,000+ units/style) so we are able to accommodate any qty ordered.

Can you make patterns and/or grade them?
For clients that are in need of pattern work, we take a detailed look at their styles to determine if the pattern work can be done in-house or if a third-party pattern maker is needed. We work with a network of highly skilled pattern makers that we recommend to our clients.

What form of patterns can you work with?
Markers are preferred but we can also work with graded hard patterns.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept business checks, money orders, and certified checks.

Can you store fabric, trims and notions?
Yes. We have a 2,500 sq. ft. dedicated storage room.

What is your turnaround time?
In general, from the time that we have all materials needed we can complete sample orders in 1-2 weeks and production orders in 4-6 weeks depending on the quantity. Production should be scheduled as early as possible to ensure the fastest turnaround.

How can I get a price quote for my products?
Please send your sample(s) for us to review or schedule an appointment.

What are shipping options?
You can arrange for pick up or we can send them via your FedEx or UPS account.